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BTGB - Yoshi Terp Pearl

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Introducing the Yoshi Terp Pearl from BTGB Glass - the perfect addition to your dab setup for optimal flavor and increased surface area. Made in the U.S.A., these top-quality Terp Pearls are available in quartz and feature the best heat retention on the market. With their unique Yoshi style and 10mm size, these pearls are designed to fully vaporize your concentrates down to the last terp, giving you more value for your money on every dab. Simply add a spinner carb cap to your setup and drop a pearl or two into your banger to watch it spin around, evenly transferring heat across your dabbing surface and preventing oil from pooling in any one spot. Please note that a butane torch is required for use. Try the Yoshi Terp Pearl today and experience the ultimate in flavorful, milky dabs!

Terp Pearls Features:

  • One Pearl included
  • Yoshi style
  • Pearl size 10mm
  • Best heat retention
  • Optimal Flavor
  • Increased surface area
  • Requires use of butane torch
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Added February 28, 2023