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Cookies - 7mm 2 da Dome Beaker Bong

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Experience the epitome of smoking luxury with the Cookies Glass 2 Da Dome Percolator Beaker Bong. Every detail of this bong has been crafted to perfection, ensuring not just a tool for smoking, but a complete sensory indulgence.

Key Features:

  • Classic Beaker Design: The beaker bottom design pays homage to timeless aesthetics, making this bong a standout piece in any collection.
  • Superior Filtration: The Cross Slit Dome Percolator ensures every hit is smooth and refined.
  • Strength Meets Beauty: Made from 7mm thick, premium borosilicate glass, this bong offers durability while maintaining its elegant appearance.
  • Chilled Experience: The Cookies Bite Ice Catch lets you add ice for a crisp, refreshing hit every time.
  • Masterful Craftsmanship:
    • 14mm thick flower bong bowl ensures optimal airflow.
    • Female joint, elegantly highlighted with the renowned Cookies logo.
    • Cross Slit Diffuser Dome Perc showcases intricate design and superior functionality.
    • Removable 14/18mm 8-slit Twist Spiral Grated diffused downstem for perfect smoke diffusion.
    • Downstem length of 5 inches, calibrated for balanced hits.
    • Skillfully hand-blown using the finest borosilicate glass.
    • Impressive dimensions: 17-inch height, 5-inch base diameter, 50mm main tube, and 60mm perc tube diameter.
    • Sturdy 7mm glass thickness for longevity.
  • Artistic Excellence: Deep-etched and flame-polished Cookies logos symbolize authenticity and luxury.
  • Premium Accessories: Enhance your sessions with the included Cookies x Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp grinder.
  • Assured Authenticity: Each bong comes in a signature Cookies box, a seal of genuine craftsmanship and design.
  • Origin of Excellence: Passionately designed in California, U.S.A.

Immerse yourself in a lavish smoking experience with the Cookies Glass 2 Da Dome Percolator Beaker Bong. It's not merely about smoking; it's a celebration of every sophisticated moment.

    Added October 16, 2023