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Diamond - 9mm Beaker Bongs

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Discover the perfect balance of quality and affordability with the 9mm Beaker Bong from Diamond Glass. Expertly handblown, this water pipe is a testament to craftsmanship. It is made from robust 9mm thick glass for durability and a superior smoking experience.

Key Features:

      • Classic Beaker Design: Embrace the timeless appeal of the beaker shape, offering both a stylish look and a stable base for your sessions.

      • 9mm Thick Glass for Durability: Crafted with 9mm thick glass, this bong is built to last, making it ideal for everyday use.

      • Colored Mouthpiece for Style: The bong's mouthpiece is colored, adding a splash of elegance to its functional design.

      • Three Ice Pinches for Cooling: The three ice pinches enhance your overall smoking experience by allowing you to enjoy more relaxed, smoother hits.

      • Heavy-Duty Glass Joint: The bong's heavy-duty glass joint ensures a secure and durable connection, adding to its longevity.

      • 14mm Flower Slide with Convenient Handle: This product comes with a 14mm flower slide equipped with a flat handle for ease of use, making it ready for action right out of the box.

      • Removable 14/18mm Six Slits Diffused Downstem: The 5.25-inch downstem is designed with six slits for superior diffusion, ensuring a smooth draw every time.

      • Stable Beaker Base: The 5-inch diameter beaker base provides excellent stability, making it a reliable choice for regular smokers.

      • Ideal Size for Daily Use: At approximately 12 inches, this bong is perfectly sized for your daily smoking routine.

The 9mm Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass is more than just a smoking accessory; it symbolizes American craftsmanship. Ideal for anyone seeking a high-quality, affordable bong, it's a perfect addition to any smoker's collection. Experience the blend of functionality, durability, and style.

    Added May 3, 2024