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Gordo Scientific - GTR Carb Cap

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Introducing the innovative Gordo Scientific GTR Cap, a revolutionary dual-channel carb cap that seamlessly integrates the functionalities of both a Gordo Riptide Cap and a traditional bubble cap. Designed to elevate your dabbing experience, this carb cap boasts two distinct chambers, each offering unique functionalities that can be operated independently or in tandem for unparalleled control and versatility.

The ingenious design of the GTR Cap features two strategically placed openings: one on the handle and another on the bubble. By simply positioning your finger over these openings, you can activate different channels, altering the airflow to suit your preferences. Placing a finger over the handle opening closes the center channel, activating the riptide chamber, while covering the bubble opening activates the center channel, transforming the cap into a traditional bubble cap.

This intuitive functionality puts precise control at your fingertips, allowing you to customize your airflow according to your dabbing needs. Whether you prefer the larger spread air stream of a riptide cap, the more direct straight stream of a bubble cap, or a combination of both, the GTR Cap offers unparalleled flexibility without the need to switch between carb caps.

Crafted from 100% quality glass and boasting a limited quantity production, the GTR Cap ensures durability and reliability for long-term use. Its bubble cap directional shape enhances airflow control, while the riptide vapor chamber delivers smooth and flavorful hits.

Experience the next level of dabbing innovation with the Gordo Scientific GTR Cap, proudly made in Colorado, U.S.A. Elevate your dabbing sessions with precision, control, and versatility like never before.

Key Features:

  • Dual-channel carb cap combining Gordo Riptide Cap and traditional bubble cap functionalities
  • Two strategically placed openings for independent operation of channels
  • Intuitive design for easy airflow adjustment with fingertip control
  • Crafted from 100% quality glass for durability and reliability
  • Limited quantity production ensures exclusivity
  • Bubble cap directional shape enhances airflow control
  • Riptide vapor chamber delivers smooth and flavorful hits
  • Compatible with 25mm or 30mm bangers for versatile dabbing setups
  • Approximate length of 2 inches strikes the perfect balance between functionality and portability
  • Proudly made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Added June 28, 2018