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Gordo Scientific - OG Bubble Cap

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Elevate your dabbing experience with the re-released Riptide Bubbler Carb Caps from Gordo Scientific Glass. This iconic design, which marries the best of the Gordo Riptide Cap with the traditional bubble cap, is back by popular demand. Its unique feature—an opening on the handle—allows for enhanced control during use. By simply placing a finger over the handle's opening, the center channel closes, giving users the flexibility to switch between the widespread airstream of a riptide cap and the direct stream of a bubble cap. Crafted with precision and designed for optimal functionality, this carb cap is a must-have for every dabbing enthusiast.

Carb Cap Features:

  • Exclusivity: Available in limited quantities, ensuring a unique addition to your collection.
  • Premium Material: Made from 100% quality glass, promising durability and a refined feel.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for use with both 25mm and 30mm Quartz Bangers.
  • Optimal Length: Measures approximately 2 inches, making it compact yet functional.
  • Authentic Craftsmanship: Proudly designed and crafted in Colorado, U.S.A.


  1. What makes the Riptide Bubbler Carb Cap unique?  Its design combines the functionality of a Gordo Riptide Cap with a traditional bubble cap, offering enhanced control during use.

  2. Is the carb cap compatible with pearls?  No, this carb cap is not intended for use with pearls.

  3. How do I clean the carb cap?  It's recommended to use a carb cap cleaner or a mixture of warm water and soap. Ensure to rinse thoroughly and let it dry before use.

  4. Where is the Riptide Bubbler Carb Cap made?  It's proudly designed and crafted in Colorado, U.S.A.

  5. Are there many of these carb caps available?  These carb caps are available in limited quantities, making them a unique addition to any collection.

Experience the perfect blend of design, functionality, and craftsmanship with the Riptide Bubbler Carb Caps from Gordo Scientific Glass. Secure yours today and redefine your dabbing sessions!

    Added October 5, 2022

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