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Highly Educated - Titanium MiniCaps

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The Highly Educated MiniCap is a titanium accessory designed to work with the Highly Educated 10mm V2 Domeless Nail, the Highly Educated InfiniTi Small-Cap, and our discontinued 14mm V2 Domeless (The DualiTi's predecessor). The point of using a Highly Educated MiniCap is to obtain full vaporization at the lowest temperatures possible. The single hole around the edge of the cap creates a regulated influx of air pointed at the moat of the nail. This regulation helps spread and thin the material on the nail. Smothering your material in this manner prevents pooling or puddling and also has an astounding effect on flavor. The cap also helps by providing insulation as well as protection from the wind for outdoor applications. The top of the MiniCap has been tapped so that you may attach any Highly Educated V3 Shaft and V3 accessories for an extended handle, or you may upgrade your MiniCap with a Highly Educated Carb Cap Dabber Attachment. V3 Shafts and Carb Cap Dabber Attachments are sold separately.

Titanium MiniCap Features:

  • Compatible Nails: HE 10mm V2 Domeless / HE InfiniTi Small Cap / HE 14mm V2 Domeless
  • Compatible Attachments: HE M/S/L/XL shafts, CC Ball Point Dabber, CC Flat Tip Dabber (sold separately)
  • Material: Grade 2 Titanium
  • Anodized Titanium: Gold, Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple
  • Polished Easy Clean Surface
  • Engraved Highly Educated
  • Made in Utah, U.S.A.