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HSG - 14mm Low Rider Vapor Attachment

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The Health Stone Glass Low Rider Vapor Attachment is the perfect way to enjoy your concentrates in a healthy, efficient, and convenient way. This innovative vaporizer attachment is made with high-quality boro glass and features a unique design that allows you to vaporize your concentrates without the need for large butane torches.

How It Works

To use the Health Stone Glass Low Rider Vapor Attachment, simply drop your concentrate on top of the Health Stone Vapor Stone while the slide is attached to your favorite 14mm water pipe, rig, or bong. Once heated, the concentrate will be melted into and vaporized inside the stone, giving you a smooth and flavorful hit.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use: No need for large butane torches
  • Efficient: Vaporizes your concentrates quickly and evenly
  • Healthy: Made with high-quality boro glass and vaporizes your concentrates without combustion
  • Convenient: Portable and easy to clean

Order your Health Stone Glass Low Rider Vapor Attachment today and start enjoying your concentrates in a whole new way!

Product Features:

  • Low Rider vapor slide
  • Joint size: 14mm male
  • 1 original vapor stone included
  • For best experience use a double or triple butane torch lighter
  • Quality, boro glass
  • HSG logo
  • Made in California, U.S.A.

Added April 26, 2023