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Two Tone Bell Slide - illadelph Glass

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Elevate your smoking experience with the illadelph Glass Two-Tone Bell Bong Slides. Expertly designed for straight tubes or beaker-style bongs, these slides showcase a unique two-tone design in Black & Milky Pink Glass that stands out. The thick push-type bowl is meticulously crafted to enhance airflow, ensuring your flower burns uniformly. With a 14mm male joint, it's versatile enough to complement most bongs, bubblers, or water pipes that have a female joint.

Slide Features:

  • Distinctive Two-Tone Design
  • Compatible 14mm male joint
  • Efficient one-hole push bowl
  • Crafted from premium borosilicate glass
  • Striking Black & Milky Pink Glass combination
  • Embellished with the iconic illadelph logo
  • Comes in the latest illadelph box design
  • Proudly hand-blown in Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Experience the fusion of functionality and artistry with these exceptional bong slides.

    Added January 5, 2023