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Sheldon Black Glass

Sheldon Black - 16" Medio Beaker Bong

The 16" Medio Beaker Bong from Sheldon Black is a high-end water pipe featuring a classic beaker bong design. The 50x5mm heavy-hitting glass bong comes with a matching funnel bowl and a removable 14/18mm open-end downstem percolator for smooth, powerful tokes. The 3 ice pinches hold your ice to provide a cooling effect on your smoke when needed. This beaker features Sheldon Black signature and Derby logos. 

Bong Features:

  • Beaker Base water chamber
  • 5mm thick glass
  • 50mm diameter tubing
  • Removable 14/18mm classic downstem perc
  • 14mm flower bowl with roll stop
  • Bong height: 16"
  • Premium Smokeware
  • Authentic Sheldon Black logos
  • Made in California

Added September 24, 2019