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InstaHookah - Water Pipe Converter

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Turn your bong into a Hookah! The InstaHookah Water Pipe Converter is the ingenious new way to enjoy sharing a bong hit with friends, all at the same time! The triple smoking system design easily allows you and two friends to simultaneously share a toke from the bong, no more waiting in line for your turn. To use, simply twist to insert the InstaHookah converter into the top of your water pipe's mouthpiece, making sure to always keep a secure hand around your bong to prevent it from becoming too top-heavy and tipping over. The smiling, funnel-shaped design should fit snugly inside your water pipe, with three narrow rubber-tipped hoses emerging from the top. Once you have inserted the converter, simply pick a colored hose, light your flower, and start inhaling! Each of the three hoses is positioned all the way through the bottom of the plug's base and it is where the smoke travels from your bong and up into your lungs. Made from safe, high-quality materials, it can be easily stored away for travel and comes with a resealable and reusable smell-proof bag as well. Impress and include your smoke sesh friends with this multi-use water pipe converter made from InstaHookah available at Aqua Lab today.

InstaHookah Features:

  • Water pipe converter
  • Turns your bong into a multi-use piece
  • Includes three colored hoses
  • Easy to use and insert
  • Comes with a smiling foam plug base
  • Fits snugly inside your bongs mouthpiece
  • Small and great for travel
  • Perfect for smoke seshes with friends
  • Keep one hand on the bong at all times to prevent tipping
  • Made from safe, high-quality materials
  • Includes reusable, resealable smell-proof bag
  • Colors: Green, Red & Yellow
  • Complete length: 26 inches
  • Sizes may vary
  • Comes with an instruction card
  • Cheap and compact
  • Designed in the U.S.A.

Added December 29, 2017