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Kenta Kito - King Gridded Stemline Bongs

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The King Gridded Stemline perc bongs by Kenta Kito Glass is for the dedicated smoker.  Each piece is handmade with precision for the best smoke diffusion possible. The 38mm slender mouthpiece then goes into the 65mm body which houses the oversized gridded stemline perc.  The gridded Stemline perc will stack bubbles on bubbles! Included is a matching 4-hole screen slide, you are guaranteed to get a big hit! Just open the box and get started, as this piece comes complete and ready to use.  

Bong Features:

  • Scientific Glass
  • Reinforced Stemless design
  • 18mm Female joint
  • Oversized Gridded Stemline perc
  • 18mm Four hole screen slide with horn handle
  • Approximate height: 16 inches
  • Base diameter: 5 inches
  • Mouthpiece diameter: 38mm
  • Body diameter: 65mm 
  • Glass thickness: 5mm
  • Variety of colors available 
  • Made in Southern California, U.S.A.

Added December 22, 2022