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Leisure - 14/18mm Black 6 Arm Downstem

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When it comes to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your bong, not all downstems are created equal. Leisure Glass, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, presents the 14/18mm low profile mini reinforced 6 Arm downstem - a perfect blend of design and performance.

Why Choose Leisure Glass's Downstem?

  1. Superior Material: Crafted meticulously from high-grade Borosilicate glass, this downstem promises durability and resilience against the rigors of regular use.

  2. Optimal Diffusion: The 14/18mm 6-Arm Diffused Downstem is engineered for optimal smoke dispersion. With 12 diffusion slits in total (2 per arm), it ensures that each draw is smoother, more relaxed, and more flavorful.

  3. Universal Fit: Designed to be versatile, this downstem seamlessly fits most beakers, bongs, and rigs with an 18mm joint. Whether you're looking to replace an old downstem or upgrade your current one, this piece is an excellent choice.

  4. Perfect Dimensions: With a length of 4 inches, it's sized to be effective without being obtrusive. The bong joint fitting is 18mm, and the slide joint fitting is 14mm female, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

  5. Sleek Appearance: The crystal-clear glass looks sophisticated and allows you to watch the magic happen. Each drawing is a visual treat, watching the smoke diffuse and bubble up.

  6. Signature Branding: Each downstem is embellished with the signature Black Leisure label, a mark of authenticity and quality.

  7. Locally Made: In an era of mass production, Leisure Glass takes pride in its local craftsmanship. Every downstem is made with care and precision in California, USA.

In conclusion, if you're in the market for a downstem that promises performance, looks, and longevity, the Leisure Glass 14/18mm low profile mini reinforced downstem is the one for you. Elevate your smoking sessions and feel the Leisure Glass difference.

    Note: All downstems are measured from the top of the ground joint to the end of the diffusion tip. Please see our diagram in the listing for complete downstem measuring instructions. 

    Added July 22, 2017