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Lurch - Triple Stacked Bong Slide

Choose Your Bong Slide One (14mm)
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Discover the Triple Stacked Worked Bong Slide by Lurch Glass. This masterpiece combines intricate line-worked glass patterns with the unique addition of a trichome marble handle and practical nub attachments. This exquisite bong slide features a perfectly sized one-hole flower bowl, designed to enhance your smoking experience by adding a distinctive, artistic touch to any bong, bubbler, or water pipe equipped with a 14mm or 18mm female joint. Each piece is meticulously handblown from high-quality borosilicate glass in Southern California, making it a functional item for smokers and a coveted piece for glass collectors.

Key Features of the Bong Bowl:

  • Elegant Triple-Stacked Design: The slide boasts a visually stunning triple-stacked line of worked glass, showcasing the depth and complexity of its craftsmanship.
  • Optimal Functionality: Equipped with a one-hole flower bowl for an efficient and enjoyable smoking experience.
  • Unique Trichome Marble Handle: This handle adds a touch of elegance and provides ease of handling, making your smoking sessions both stylish and convenient.
  • Stability Enhancing Nubs: Thoughtfully placed glass nubs ensure your slide stays in place, preventing unwanted movement.
  • Versatile Compatibility: It is ready to fit seamlessly with both 14mm and 18mm male joints, catering to a wide range of bongs, bubblers, and water pipes.
  • Signature Craftsmanship: Each slide is titanium signed by Lurch, dated 2024, affirming its authenticity and the artisan's dedication to quality.
  • Proudly Handblown in Southern California, U.S.A.: Embrace a locally made glass piece's superior craftsmanship and innovative design.

Elevate your collection and smoking ritual with the Triple Stacked Worked Bong Slide from Lurch Glass. It's more than just a smoking accessory; it's a piece of art that reflects the pinnacle of glassblowing artistry and innovation.

Added February 26, 2024