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Mathematix Glass - 18" Beaker Bongs

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Handblown with precision in sunny California, the 18-inch Mathematix Glass Beaker Bongs stand as a testament to the blend of artistry and function. Carved from top-grade boro glass, this water pipe doesn't just serve as a conduit for your sessions—it elevates them, combining age-old diffusion techniques with a powerful punch of modernity.

Why Choose the Mathematix Beaker Bong?
Beyond its impressive stature and impeccable design, it's the intricate detailing and commitment to quality that sets this beaker bong apart. With its classic beaker base, enhanced diffusion, and trio of ice pinches, it's a dream daily driver for every cannabis enthusiast.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Design: Immerse in the age-old charm of the beaker base water chamber, optimized for filtration and delivering a pure, smooth hit.

  • Material: Sculpted from high-grade boro glass, this bong promises durability while allowing you to witness the magic within.

  • Diffusion: Thanks to its 14/18mm removable diffused downstem, expect every draw to be smooth, refined, and free from harsh undertones.

  • Size: A commanding presence at 18 inches in height, complemented by a 6-inch downstem, ensuring ample space for your smoke to chill.

  • Bowl: A chic 14mm flower bowl not only serves functionality but adds a touch of sophistication to your sessions.

  • Cooling: Three meticulously crafted ice pinches guarantee that your inhales are always cool, fresh, and enjoyable.

  • Stability: Designed with a broad base, this bong promises stability, ensuring uninterrupted sessions indoors or out.

  • Accent Choices: Personalize your piece with the subtle allure of green or the classic sophistication of black accents.

  • Authenticity: Each beaker bong proudly sports the Mathematix Glass logos, signifying its authenticity and the rich Californian heritage.

Unparalleled Elegance & Function:
Mathematix Beaker Bongs are more than just a smoking accessory—they're an experience. Join the legion of connoisseurs who prefer nothing but the best. Dive deep into sessions accentuated by the brilliance of Southern Californian craftsmanship and the promise of a superior smoke.

    Added on June 3, 2021