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Mathematix Glass - 14" Straight Bongs

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Dive into a smoking session that encapsulates the spirit of art. The Mathematix Glass Straight Tube Bongs bring to the forefront exquisite Southern Californian craftsmanship. These handcrafted pieces, proudly made in the USA, perfectly blend age-old classic designs with modern-day smoking nuances.

Why Opt for Mathematix Glass Straight Tube Bongs?
More than just a smoking accessory, every pipe by Mathematix narrates a tale of tradition, state-of-the-art technology, and detailed design. Relish the profound power of its diffusion paired with an intense punch, creating a top-tier smoking experience.

Distinguished Features:

      • Design: The timeless straight tube structure promises efficient filtration and a luxurious hit every single time.

      • Material: Molded from the finest boro glass, it ensures durability while gifting users an unhindered view of the mystical dance of smoke inside.

      • Diffusion: With the 14/18mm removable diffused downstem perc, anticipate a smoke that's smooth and devoid of any rough edges.

      • Dimensions: Boasting a height of 14 inches and equipped with a 6-inch downstem, this piece ensures ample room for the smoke to cool and achieve perfection.

      • Bowl: The 14mm flower bowl stands as both a functional masterpiece and an artistic gem, optimizing the burning process.

      • Cooling: Precision-engineered with three ice pinches, ensuring that each inhale is refreshingly cool.

      • Stability: Its meticulously designed base ensures your bong remains grounded, be it during a tranquil indoor session or a lively outdoor one.

      • Accent Choices: Select between the understated allure of green or the classic charm of black accents, resonating with your personal style.

      • Branding: Each piece is graced with the Mathematix Glass logos, a hallmark of authenticity and unparalleled heritage.

Elevate Every Day:
This isn't your run-of-the-mill bong. Its straight tube design, enhanced diffusion, and meticulously placed ice pinches make it a sought-after daily companion for cannabis aficionados. Whether you're kickstarting your collection or expanding it, this straight tube bong epitomizes consistency, elegance, and impeccable performance.

Join the echelons of those who appreciate the seamless amalgamation of artistry, science, and passion. Cherish the Mathematix legacy, a gift from the golden coasts of California.

    Added April 28, 2021