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RAW | 2-Way Rolling Machines

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Experience the pinnacle of eco-friendly innovation with the RAW 2-way rolling machines. These unique devices stand out as the first of their kind, meticulously crafted from natural hemp composite plastic. Their origin is equally impressive, being produced in the world-renowned, oldest hand-rolling machine factory situated in Kudus, Indonesia. This factory has a rich history and has been dedicated to perfecting the art of rolling for generations.

The Black rolling machines are not just about sustainability; they're about choice. With the ingenious 2-way roller design, users can decide between crafting skinny or regular-sized joints, tailoring their smoking experience to their personal preference. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned roller, the machine caters to all with its user-friendly design.

For those keen on specifics, the rolling machines are available in two distinct sizes. The King Size measures at 110mm, ideal for those who prefer a longer smoke, while the standard 70mm is perfect for a quick and satisfying session. Each machine is accompanied by a set of clear, easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring that every roll is close to perfection.

In a world where sustainability is paramount, the RAW rolling machines are a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets eco-consciousness. The use of 100% natural German hemp in its construction not only reduces environmental impact but also offers a durable and long-lasting product.

Rolling Machine Features:

  • Environmentally friendly, made from natural hemp composite plastic.
  • Unique 2-way roller design for customizable rolling.
  • Two sizes to choose from: King Size (110mm) for a longer experience and 70mm for standard use.
  • Comes with comprehensive instructions for a hassle-free rolling process.
  • Proudly manufactured in the historic hand-rolling machine factory in Kudus, Indonesia.

Elevate your rolling experience, prioritize sustainability, and enjoy the unmatched quality of the RAW 2-way rolling machines.

    Added May 14, 2018