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RAW - Classic Single Wide Rolling Papers

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For the purists, the connoisseurs, and everyone who values authenticity, RAW Unrefined Rolling Papers stands as a testament to what natural and less processed really means. It's not just a rolling paper; it's an experience in its rawest form.

What sets RAW Papers apart? It's the dedication to maintaining the purity of your smoke. Completely free from chlorine and crafted for vegans, this paper is a blend of non-chemically whitened fibers, giving it a unique natural tan hue that's so transparent, you can practically see through it.

With each paper embossed with RAW's watermark, say goodbye to uneven burns and unwanted runs. Every puff you take is smooth, consistent, and true to its nature.


  • Natural Unbleached Fibers: Experience the genuine touch of nature.
  • Non-GMO: Commitment to health and authenticity.
  • Natural Hemp Gum-line: Ensuring your roll stays intact naturally.
  • 100% Vegan: Ethically produced, with no animal by-products.
  • Choose Your Pack: Available in books of 50 or 100 papers.
  • Perfect Size: Each paper measures 70mm x 44mm, ideal for a satisfying roll.
  • Authentic Origin: Proudly made in Spain, known for its rich rolling paper heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What makes RAW Papers different from other brands?  RAW emphasizes pure, unrefined processes, leading to a chlorine-free, vegan paper with natural fibers.

  2. How many papers come in a book?  You have the choice between books of 50 or 100 papers, depending on your preference.

  3. Can I see through the papers?  Yes, the natural tan hue of the papers is so thin that it's almost transparent.

  4. How do the watermarks on the paper benefit my smoking experience?  The watermark helps maintain an even burn and prevents the paper from running, ensuring a consistent experience.

  5. Where are RAW Rolling Papers made?  RAW Rolling Papers are proudly manufactured in Spain, a country known for its quality paper production.

Step into the world of RAW Unrefined Rolling Papers and discover a smoking journey untainted by chemicals and true to nature. Embrace the RAW experience and savor the difference. Grab your pack today!

    Added February 1, 2018