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RAW - High Times Kingsize Slim Connoisseur Papers

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Dive deep into the rich history of cannabis culture with the Limited Edition RAW and High Times Connoisseur Kingsize Rolling Papers with Tips. This special edition pays homage to Thomas "The King" Forcade, the revolutionary mind who founded High Times magazine in 1974, forever changing the landscape of cannabis journalism. Each pack proudly displays a classic black and white image of Forcade, reminding users of the roots and resilience of the cannabis community.

RAW, known globally for its commitment to purity and quality, ensures that these rolling papers are nothing short of perfection. Made from a unique blend of unbleached and non-chemically whitened fibers, these papers boast a natural tan color that's so translucent, you can see right through it. This transparency isn't just aesthetic; it's a testament to the paper's purity.

But RAW doesn't stop at appearance. Each sheet is meticulously watermarked, a signature feature that prevents runs and promotes a smooth, even burn every time. This ensures that every smoke session is consistent, allowing users to fully savor their chosen herb.

Key Features:

  • Limited edition, celebrating the legacy of Thomas "The King" Forcade.
  • Crafted from natural, unbleached fibers with a natural hemp gum-line.
  • 100% vegan and free from GMOs, ensuring a natural smoking experience.
  • Each pack contains 32 premium papers, complete with tips for added convenience.
  • Proudly made in Spain, adhering to RAW's stringent quality standards.

In collaboration with High Times, RAW continues to champion the purest smoking experience. This tribute edition is not just a pack of rolling papers; it's a piece of history, a nod to the pioneers, and a celebration of the enduring spirit of the cannabis community.

    Added on December 16, 2016