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RAW Papers - 3 Meter Natural Unrefined Roll

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Experience the authentic essence of smoking with RAW Unbleached Rolling Papers. Crafted with precision and a commitment to purity, these papers redefine the traditional smoking experience. Unlike the usual papers that undergo extensive processing, RAW's approach is refreshingly different and eco-conscious.

At the heart of RAW's philosophy is the belief in unadulterated purity. These rolling papers are devoid of any chlorine, ensuring that you're not inhaling any harmful chemicals. Moreover, for those who are conscious about their choices, these papers are 100% vegan, aligning with ethical and health-conscious lifestyles.

One of the standout features of these papers is their unique appearance. The blend of unbleached and non-chemically whitened fibers gives the paper a distinctive natural tan hue. Not just that, they are so finely crafted that they're almost translucent, allowing you to see the herbs inside.

But RAW doesn't stop at appearance. Functionality is paramount. Each paper comes with a watermark, a signature of authenticity, and a practical feature that ensures an even burn. This watermark prevents runs, ensuring that each smoke is smooth and consistent.

For those who love to roll their own and want ample supply, RAW has got you covered. Each pack provides a generous 3 meters (or approximately 9 feet) of rolling paper, ensuring you have enough to last.

Key Features of the Rolling Paper:

  • Crafted from Pure Natural Fibers: Experience the purity in every puff.
  • Ethical Choice: 100% Vegan papers for the conscious smoker.
  • Generous Quantity: Each roll measures 3 meters or about 9 feet, ensuring you won't run out anytime soon.
  • Consistent Burn: The watermark ensures an even burn, preventing runs.
  • Authenticity: Made in Spain, ensuring top-notch European quality.

Dive into a smoking experience that's as natural as the herbs you choose. With RAW Unbleached Rolling Papers, every roll is a step closer to nature.

    Added on June 10, 2015