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Seed of Life | Sacred-G Sidecar Bubbler

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Introducing the Sacred-G Sidecar Bubbler by Seed of Life Glassworks: a harmonious blend of ancient symbolism and modern craftsmanship. This fully sandblasted piece is adorned with the timeless Flower of Life design, a geometric pattern that has been revered for its spiritual significance and beauty. Each overlapping circle in this design is meticulously crafted, reflecting the interconnectedness of life.

The sidecar bubbler boasts a 60mm diameter can-shaped chamber, housing the renowned lace percolator, ensuring every hit is smooth and flavorful. Its unique sidecar design not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also guarantees splash-proof draws, making every session a delight.

This sandblasted masterpiece comes complete with a 3-hole flower bong bowl, ensuring you have everything you need for an unparalleled smoking experience.

Scientific Bubbler Features:

  • Intricate Fixed Downstem with Lace Percolator for optimal diffusion
  • Sturdy Sidecar Mouthpiece with a Flared Lip for Comfortable Use
  • Recessed Slide Joint: 18mm Female
  • Complementary 3-Hole Bong Bowl Included
  • Slide Joint: 18mm Male for compatibility
  • Height to Top of Mouthpiece: 8 inches for easy handling
  • Height to Top of Slide: 6.75 inches
  • Footless Base Diameter: 2.75 inches for stability
  • Can Diameter: 60mm for ample water volume
  • Premium 5mm Thick Glass for durability
  • Proudly Handcrafted in California, U.S.A.

Experience the fusion of ancient art and modern design with the Sacred-G Sidecar Bubbler by Seed of Life Glassworks. Order yours today and embark on a transcendent smoking journey.

    Added on June 10, 2015