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SI Pipes - Carbon Filter with Metal Screen

Choose Your Glass Joint Size 14/14mm
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Discover the pinnacle of smoking innovation with Scientific Inhalations Filters, meticulously handcrafted by skilled glass artisans in the U.S.A. using premium glass and ground joints. Elevate your smoking ritual to new heights as you embrace the remarkable benefits of a cooler, cleaner delivery method that preserves the essence of your medicine's potency and flavor.

Unveil the essence of Scientific Inhalations Filters:

🌬️ Choice of Filtration: Fill your filter with Organic Cotton or Virgin Coconut Carbon for an enhanced and tailored experience.

🔬 Premium Craftsmanship: Each filter is a testament to the expertise of glass artisans, made with high-quality glass and precision ground joints.

Scientific Inhalations Original Filter Adapter: Handmade in California, this adapter redefines convenience and quality, ensuring every hit is nothing short of perfection.

🌍 Carbon Filter Excellence:

  • Metal Screen: Thoughtfully designed to securely hold carbon material, enhancing filtration effectiveness.
  • Slide Joints: Choose between 14mm or 18mm options, offering compatibility with various setups.
  • Optimal Length: At 3.75 inches, it's the perfect balance of functionality and portability.
  • Elegant Clarity: Clear Glass design elevates aesthetics.

🎯 Distinctive Logo: Recognize authenticity with the iconic Red & Black Scientific Inhalations logo.

🌴 Virgin Coconut Carbon: Enhance every toke with the included bag of Virgin Coconut Carbon, ensuring each inhalation is smooth and refined.

🍃 Wooden Poker: The 5-inch wooden poker complements your experience, adding convenience to your ritual.

🌟 California Crafted: Made in the heart of California, U.S.A., these filters embody the spirit of innovation and quality craftsmanship.

Elevate your smoking experience today. Transform each inhale into a moment of pure pleasure and clarity with Scientific Inhalations Filters. Are you ready to explore the zenith of smoking excellence? Discover it now!

Added on June 10, 2011