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Toker Poker 2.0 for BIC - Smoking Tool

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Crafted with smokers' needs in mind, the Toker Poker is an ingenious tool that promises to revolutionize smoking sessions. No longer will you rummage through drawers or pockets searching for your essentials—the Toker Poker brings them all together right where you need them.

This tool is more than just a sleeve; it is engineered snugly over any standard BIC lighter. Its ergonomic design enhances your grip and seamlessly incorporates a tamper, poker, and hemp wick holder. Every tool is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring longevity and reliability.


  • Universal Fit: Designed to accommodate any standard BIC lighter snugly.
  • Ergonomic Sleeve: Ensures a comfortable grip and enhanced usability.
  • Durable Tools: Features a stainless steel tamper and a fold-in poker.
  • Hemp Wick Ready: This comes in a dedicated space that securely holds up to 5 feet of hemp wick.
  • Compact Size: Measures a total length of 3.25 inches, perfect for on-the-go.
  • Color Variety: Choose from various vibrant colors to match your style.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will the Toker Poker fit over lighters other than BIC? The Toker Poker is designed to fit snugly over standard BIC lighters, ensuring optimal functionality.

  2. How do I refill the hemp wick? Wrap your hemp wick around the designated area on the Toker Poker until you've stored up to 5 feet.

  3. Is the poker tool retractable? Yes, the stainless steel poker can be folded in when not in use for safety and convenience.

  4. Can I choose the color of my Toker Poker? Absolutely! The Toker Poker comes in a variety of colors. Make your selection based on your style.

  5. What materials are used to construct the Toker Poker? The Toker Poker uses durable materials, with the tamper and poker made of stainless steel.

Elevate your smoking sessions with unmatched convenience. Say hello to the Toker Poker – where innovation meets the needs of every smoker. Order yours today and relish the ease of having everything right at your fingertips!

Added on June 10, 2021