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Toro | Colored Macro Dab Rig

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Transform your dabbing experience with the JP Toro Glass Macro Perc Dab Rig, the epitome of cutting-edge design and functionality. This sleek, stemless rig is equipped with a Macro downstem perc system, ensuring every dab is smooth and bursting with flavor. Precision-engineered from the finest American scientific glass in New York, this rig promises durability and long life, making it a vital piece for any dab enthusiast's collection.

Featuring a mini Blue 4-slit fixed downstem perc, beautifully complemented by blue accents on the mouthpiece and base, this rig captures attention with its striking contrast and sophisticated aesthetic. The 10mm female joint is perfectly sized for compatibility with your chosen 10mm quartz banger or terp slurper, offering a flawless dabbing experience.

Despite its compact size, standing at 6.75 inches tall with a 3.25-inch base diameter, this rig packs a punch in terms of functionality and is perfectly suited for use both at home and while on the move. Embellished with the exclusive Toro label, this dab rig is not just a tool for exceptional performance but also a standout addition to any collection.

Dab Rig Essentials:

  • Stemless design for a sleek, contemporary appearance
  • Mini 4-slit fixed downstem percolator for superior smoke filtration
  • Striking blue accents on the mouthpiece and base add a touch of elegance
  • 10mm Female joint, ensuring compatibility with various accessories
  • Compact size: 6.75 inches in height, 3.25 inches base diameter, ideal for portability and stability
  • The prestigious Toro label signifies unparalleled quality and craftsmanship
  • Proudly made in New York, USA, with a commitment to premium craftsmanship and materials

      Added on February 20, 2024