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Toro | Full Size Circ to 13-Arm Bong

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Enhance your smoking experience with the JP Full Size Toro Glass Bong, showcasing a superior Circ to 13-arm tree percolator system for unparalleled smoothness and rich flavor with each draw. This bong is meticulously crafted from premium American scientific glass in New York, offering both durability and a sleek, stemless design that is a must-have for any serious smoker's collection. The cutting-edge Circ percolator seamlessly integrates with a 13-arm reinforced tree percolator, each adorned with eye-catching line-worked colors for a beautifully subtle yet impactful aesthetic. Accented with striking Orange details on the mouthpiece and base, this bong delivers a sophisticated contrast to its overall appearance. Its 18mm female joint ensures effortless compatibility with any 18mm male glass ice pinch bong slide. Towering at an impressive 18.75 inches and supported by a robust 4.5-inch flared base, this bong stands as a functional work of art and a bold statement piece. Featuring the iconic Black Toro logo, this bong is a symbol of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Product Features:

  • Full-Size Bong for an extensive smoking experience
  • Stemless Design offers a contemporary edge
  • Dual Percolation System: Circ to 13-Arm Tree Percolators with Line-Worked Caps for superior smoke filtration
  • Vibrant Orange Accents on the Mouthpiece & Base for a stylish look
  • 18mm Female Slide Joint, comes with an 18mm Ice Pinch Bong Slide for perfect compatibility
  • Size: 18.75 inches tall with a 4.5-inch base diameter, ensuring both stability and a commanding presence
  • Distinctive Black Toro Branding as a mark of authenticity
  • Proudly Crafted in New York, USA, signifying top-notch craftsmanship

Added on February 20, 2024