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Toro | Mini Circ to 13-Arm Bong

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Elevate your smoking ritual with the JP Mini Toro Glass Bong, a masterpiece engineered for peak smoothness and depth of flavor with every inhale. This compact bong is expertly constructed from high-grade American scientific glass in New York, blending durability with a modern, stemless silhouette essential for any discerning smoker's arsenal. The state-of-the-art Circ percolator merges flawlessly with a 13-arm reinforced tree percolator, each featuring elegant White caps, creating an understated yet striking visual appeal. Enhanced with bold White accents on the mouthpiece and base, this bong offers a refined contrast to its design. The 14mm female joint provides seamless compatibility with any 14mm male glass ice pinch bong slide. Standing proudly at 14 inches and anchored by a solid 4-inch flared base, this bong is both a functional marvel and a statement of artistry. Adorned with the iconic White and Black Toro Script logo, it stands as a testament to unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Key Highlights:

  • Mini Bong for a comprehensive smoking journey
  • Stemless Design for a sleek, modern aesthetic
  • Dual Percolation System: Circ to 13-Arm Tree Percolators with White caps for exceptional filtration
  • Striking White Accents on Mouthpiece & Base for a visually appealing contrast
  • 14mm Female Slide Joint, includes a 14mm Ice Pinch Bong Slide for flawless compatibility
  • Dimensions: 14 inches in height, 4 inches base diameter for perfect balance and impressive stature
  • Signature White and Black Toro Branding symbolizes authenticity
  • Exclusively Made in New York, USA, reflecting superior craftsmanship

    Added on February 20, 2024