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Zen Pipe Cleaners - 44 Soft Pack

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Discover Zen Soft Pipe Cleaners, crafted for gentle and effective cleaning of your pipe's interior and hard-to-reach spots. Made from premium cotton, these cleaners boast double the bristle and fabric count for superior cleaning power.

Key Features:

  • Pack of 44 Soft Pipe Cleaners: Ample quantity for extended use.
  • Soft Bristle: Ensures gentle yet thorough cleaning without damaging surfaces.
  • Extra Absorbent: Absorbs residue and moisture for a pristine clean.
  • Gentle on Any Pipe: Suitable for use on various pipe materials without scratching.
  • Standard Length of 6 inches: Ideal size for versatile cleaning applications.
  • 100% Cotton Filler: High-quality construction for durability and efficiency.

Experience the superior cleaning performance and versatility of Zen Soft Pipe Cleaners, designed to keep your pipes immaculate with ease.

Added on May 8, 2024