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Toro - 90º 14mm Female Quartz Grail Banger


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The Toro Grail Quartz Bangers by Toro Glass. These 100% Quartz Bangers make it easy to turn any 14mm glass joint into a domeless concentrate nail. Available in either Plus (+) or Minus (-) these unique quartz bangers allow you to pick your design based on your personal drag and airflow preference. A Plus (+) Grail has 3 slits on the banger which allow for more airflow, less drag and it contains a deeper dish. A Minus (-) Grail has only one smaller sized slit which allows for more drag and contains a shorter dish. The 25mm size bucket allows for high volume while bringing out the best flavor of your favorite oils. Being that quartz is more pure than traditional glass, these vapor slides have a higher burning temperature making them a superior choice over other glass concentrate nails.



Quartz Grail Features:

  • 100% American Made quartz glass
  • Domeless concentrate nail
  • Dab Utensil
  • Angle: 90º angle
  • Customizable airflow slits
  • Slide joint: 14mm Female 
  • Available in Plus (+) or Minus (-) 
  • Bucket size: 25mm Standard
  • Quartz color: Clear
  • Logo: Sandblasted grail logo
  • Requires use of a butane torch
  • Handmade in New York

Added March 10, 2017

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size 14mm Female
Country of Manufacture United States
Brand Toro Glass
Video No

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